That God Of Elijah (Part 3)

Text:                                      2Kgs. 4:1-7



For sometime now, we have been on this serial, lifting up and applying truths from the ministry of a man who had absolute trust in the God of his master (cons. Rom. 15:4; Mal. 3:6).


Our case study at hand is a testimony of the faithfulness of God which always follows when the enabling environment is created.  We shall be looking at two points: (a). The Passionate Cry In The Perturbing Crisis (b). The Prophet’s Command And The Perfect Consolation.



  1. The Passionate Cry In The Perturbing Crisis (2Kgs. 4:1-2).


  • ‘Passionate’ means ‘Something showing or inspired by strong emotion’. Perturb means ‘To cause to be anxious’. There, was a widow whose husband faithfully served the Lord but was definitely ignorant of the privileges of his office (Ps. 37:25; Deut. 28:1-3, 11-13).  His ignorance put to jeopardy the life and freedom of the hapless widow and her two sons (cont. Prov. 13:22a), and the woman was greatly distressed when the unforgiving creditor arrived, as she had no answer for his demands, therefore she cried out!
  • There was a very positive aspect of the widow: she had confidence in the ability of the prophet. Her expectation might have been for some direct intervention by way of giving financial help or assuaging the creditor (cp. Act. 3:2-5; 2Kgs. 4:13). The widow never knew that she still had something that could be used to abate her sorrow.
  • Application: There may be people whose life challenges have led them into crises that seemingly look insurmountable as there seems to be no help from any quarters – spiritual, physical, financial, material, matrimonial, academic matters apparently asking ‘where is your God?’ (Ps. 42:3-5). Though you think you have nothing; be informed that you have something which God would use to attend to your needs.
  1. The Prophet’s Command And The Perfect Consolation (2Kgs. 4:3-7).
  • The well informed prophet who knew his authority commanded her to do what she was able to do (i) go and borrow empty vessels, (ii) separate yourself and your threatened sons from the public, (iii) begin to pour the available resource (oil) into the empty vessels. As the widow obeyed without manifesting doubt or unbelief, her situation was turned around. She did not get only the antidote to her indebtedness, but rather an elixir to her poverty (Eph. 3:20; Jer. 32:27).  Her needs (not wants) were met!
  • Application: In this time of Divine Visitation, the Lord is set to do great things, and the miracles of the bible-times are set to be replicated in the ministry of the Watchmen. Watchmen must move away from making requests for the provision of only their immediate needs, but rather for continuous sustenance.  The vessel required of you today is faith and fervent prayers.  Your needs shall be met in Jesus’ name (Isa. 41:17-21; 42:5-16; 43:18-19; 44:2-5).  Your pot of oil is any precious seed that you have to sow.
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