Subtitle:        The God Without Limitation


Text:              2kgs. 13:20-21




We have so far seen the God of Elijah as the Maker of a way where there is no way (when the River Jordan was miraculously dammed on the return journey of the prophet), the Restorer of life, the Great provider, and the Great Deliverer.


Today, we shall be seeing Him in the light of His strange operations and believe God for the impossible.


We shall Analyse our text and Apply our lessons.




  1. The prophet had died and got buried (v.20) and it appeared that he could not do any good again to anybody on this earth (cons. Eccl.9:5,6) yet some great good came to somebody.


  1. The bones of the dead are supposed to be unclean and so touching it was a defilement that necessitated purification or ablution before contact with people (cons. Num.19:11-20,22, Job 14:4), yet from this unclean came forth life.


iii.       The unwelcomed invasion of the moabites which sent fear and panic to multitudes, worked out great joy for a family (2Kgs.13:21 cp. Isa.55, Jer.29:11, 33:3, Rom.8:28, 9:17, 11:33). So that which looks evil to a generality of people could be wonderful to somebody of divine purpose.


(B)      APPLICATION (Rom.15:4)


God is the Master Strategist. He knows the end and so declares it from the beginning (Isa.46:9-10) and designs to use all things (both good and evil) to accomplish His purpose for His people (Deut.32:39, 1Sam.2:6, Isa.43:3).


What the child of God must therefore know is this:   Do what you are expected to do and leave the rest to God (cons. Matt.6:33, 11:28-29).


NB:     The men were taking the dead to the burial ground as was expected (and not looking for miracle from dry bones at the burial ground) and God did what He is known best to do.


What is that challenge that seems to have conquered you? What is that condition that appears insurmountable to you? What is that thing causing you agonizing sorrow, and it seems that all hope is lost?


All God expects of you is to believe Him and to call upon Him in faith!


The dead shall rise again! (Ezk.37:3-10, Matt.19:26).


The God of Elijah is a God without limitation! He has the capacity of using whatever is available to accomplish His purpose.


Let’s rise to call upon Him.


HSCF 251

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