Text: 3:7-22



The people of God were in affliction for quite some time and it seemed that their God wasn’t available, until the appointed time when the window of deliverance was opened (Ex.3:7).


The fiery affliction was to preceed a glorious consummation (cons. Ex.3:8, ). Moses was enjoined to accept God’s calling which he was hesitant about (Ex.3:9-14). Then God gave him a brief on what lay ahead (Ex.3:15-19) and how He (God) would close the chapter of the affliction (Ex.3:20-22).


We shall briefly look at (A) The Time Of The Event (B) The Tactics To Be Adopted




It was at a time of fulfilment of covenant/prophecy/promise (cons. Gen.15:13-14,16,18, Ex.1:8-11, 12:40-42 cp. Ezra 1:1-4). At such periods the all knowing God programmes the opening of windows of opportunities to achieve His counsel (cons. Ex.2:1-10, Isa.46:10)


In like manner, the watchman has come to a season of spectacular visitation and the Lord is opening windows of opportunities to actualize their calling as wonders (cp. Eccl.3:1,11).


Therefore, people must ensure that opportunities are not lost by staying sensitive to the Spirit of God (Rom. 8:19), going for counseling as need arises (Prov.11:14, 15:22, 20:18,24:6) and prayerfully sharing ideas with genuine/proven brethren (Ct.2Cor.11:26, Gal.2:4; Heb.10:25). Stay positive, stay faithful and be expectant (Isa.45:17,27).




‘Tactics’ means ‘the act of using whatever means are available to achieve an end or aim.’


The Lord chose to display His supernatural ability so as to make a Name for Himself (Ex.3:20, 7:3-4, 11:9, 15:11; Deut.6:22, 7:19, cp. Jos.3:5, Ps.77:14, 136:4, Joel 2:30, Acts 2:22, 43, 4:30, 5:12, 14:1-3, 15:12, Rom.15:18-19, Heb.2:4).


In this season of repositioning, the Lord has chosen to bear witness to watchmen with signs and wonders (cons. Isa.53:1) and so the Lord is set to give every needy person a supernatural touch in that aspect of life that is calling for intervention.


Who then is needy? Who is ready? Who is expectant? Let him rise up to receive.


HSCF 120

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