Texts: 17:15-24, 18:1-5,8-14, 21:1-3




Our texts pertain to a family (in a naturally hopeless situation) unto whom God’s word came, and their circumstance was changed; they were amazed and they laughed for joy.


Our message shall be coming under 2 points: (A) The Challenge (B) The Comforting Amazement




Since the fall, the path of mortal men has been littered with challenges that stand as obstacles to prevent one from reaching his destiny (Job 14:1, Acts 14:22). One’s attitude to the challenge matters a lot!


Abram was a man that answered God’s call amidst a strong challenge/need; being 75years old without a child (Gen.12:1-4). After over 10years of answering the call, the pressure was so much on the family that the wife persuaded him to compromise (Gen.16:1-4,16 cp. Prov.14:12, Rom.4:20).


And 24years after answering the call, Abraham was yet without ‘the promised child’, only having reaffirmations of the promises of the Almighty, until the last lap of the faith adventure which involved his wife, at which time it was naturally impossible to get the child (Gen.17:1-8, 18:9-14).


Often a time, the Lord stretches His servants/people in the field of Faith so as to build virtues in them and bring greater glory to Himself (cons. Prov.16:4, Jer.29:11, Rom.5:3-5, 8:28, 9:17-21).


At God’s appointed time, the challenge succumbed and Abraham laughed! (Eccl.3:1-3,11-14)




At the age of 99years, the wife (Sarah) who was 10years younger, after many years of menopause conceived (cons. Matt.19:26).


And after the gestation period, a child was pushed out from the weakened womb of a woman that has become very old in age (cons. Gen.21:13, Deut.7:4-10, 1Sam.2:3-9). It was a male child and they called him Isaac meaning laughter! (cons. Gen.17:17, 18:12, 21:6-8). Their joy knew no bounds, and they were amazed and comforted!!


If God could make a woman that has passed her menopause for over 20years to conceive from a man that had become aged; and enabled that woman to carry the foetus in the womb for about 9months and to push it out without any natural aid; what challenge on your way can He not help you to over come? (Jer.33:3, 29:11-14, Joel 2:32, Mic.2:12-13, 5:8, Zech.8:7-8)


Let’s rise up to call upon that God of wonders.


HSCF 120

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