“Wow, that’s thoughtful of you. Just buy anything you feel like buying for me” he replies.

The sister pauses to think deeply while observing the brother from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet, “Ok, we will celebrate the day after tomorrow”

On the D-day, she comes in company of her friends together with the other guests to celebrate in the house of one of his friends.

Before they leave, she gives him a beautiful birthday gift and gives a charming smile that can soften the hearts of the presidents of North Korea and America.

The brother couldn’t sleep that night when he sees the things she bought for him. Colourful boxers, singlets, chanel perfume, nivea deodorant, socks and a note with Psalms 34:4 written on it “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

Also, another Bible verse just below it, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7).

While he is still ruminating on the two verses, a SMS comes in, “Hi handsome celebrant, I enjoyed the celebration today. Hope you have checked the gift? As for the Bible verses, I pray the Lord will give you understanding. Enjoy your night and dream of someone important to you. Enjoy your sleep. ❤️
From a lovely sister.”

There is a spark in his eyes when he finishes reading the message. His heartbeat could be heard and his fantasy hormones begin marathon race across his body system. A glimpse at the gifts spark another lustful thought in his mind.

In a moment, he remembers his fiancée who is studying in another part of the country and here is another sister sending Psalms 34:4 and Matthew 7:7.

He picks the note again and reads the Bible verses. “He heard me and deliver me from all my fears”

“Hmnn…. But I haven’t proposed to her…… Deliver me from all my fears? Has she concluded in her heart?” he ponders.

He looks at the second Bible verse, “Ask, and it shall be given you…. Seek…… Knock….. Does she want me to ask for her hand in marriage, seek after her and knock the door of her heart?” he ponders again.

Later, his mind begins to play against the standard of the Bible and one thing leads to another until both of them become inseparable.

Within one month, they fall into the sinful act. It happens in the evening when she comes to prepare his dinner “out of pity” for our single “choirmaster”.

Choirmaster enters into the kitchen and sees our sister solo singer whose appearance suddenly changes to an angel in his eyes.

His intense desire drowns the still small voice that has repeatedly warned him against undue relationship with the sister. Watchfulness and fear of God fly out of the window and the deed is done.

As if she just awakes from a trance, she begins to accuse the brother of luring her against her will. They trade accusations but the deed is done already.

Before she leaves his house, she curses the choirmaster for deflowering her and causes her to sin against God.

She leaves in anger and the excited state of choirmaster returns to the ground state of the realisation of what they have done.

After some weeks, she breaks the unkind truth to him, “I am pregnant”.
Without thinking twice, “Evacuate it” is his response.

“Ha! Evacuate what?” she cries out.

The brother remains adamant and the sister succumbs to his pressure. They are not the same again after the painful process and covering of their sins.

The devil capitalises on their deceitful acts and torments them until she aborts two times again.

They lose the peace of God, leave the church, the true fiancée leaves him and the sister damages her womb after the abortions. Later, they go their different ways.

Hmnn…… Just a single moment of lack of watchfulness, sin was conceived and bore unpalatable experiences.

Beloved sisters, why do you give brothers the signals that you are interested and then blame them when they cross the boundaries?

Sisters, let me tell you one secret… The way the mind of men work is quite different from women. Just a signal from you can multiply in the hearts of men to produce a force you may not be able to handle.

If you don’t want to disobey God or go into sin, don’t ever give a brother any reason to suggest you are interested otherwise, you may regret the action.

Truth is, it is not every brother who is loose in character but try to help them to maintain their focus.

There is nothing wrong in admiring a brother but let there be a boundary and the Almighty God who sees and knows everything about you will grant the desires of your heart according to His will.

Brothers and sisters, let there be boundaries and watchfulness in your relationships with one another for the devil is after your soul and downfall.

Don’t be carried away by the worldly system of relationship and courtship. God’s standard of Holiness and watchfulness still remain the best and fulfilling.

God’s grace is sufficient for you




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