Today, we wish to announce that the God that has been provoked to jealousy is the all able God. There is no limit to His capability or capacity or access. He is the Creator and does as He likes and none can query or contend with him. He is the all-knowing and ever-present. He created all things for His pleasure both the good and evil (Rev.4:11; Isa.45:7; Pro.16:4; Exo.9:16).


Joshua understood this ability of God and so wasn’t moved by the terrible   sight of the opposition to possession of the promise, as the other spies were. The Hebrew young men affirmed their unalloyed allegiance to the able God Who has the capacity to deliver from fire; and it was confirmed. The Almighty went ahead to show that He has the capacity to convert a death sentence to a platform of exaltation.


The Almighty is God in all dimension of life and has the ability to use whomsoever/whatsoever to accomplish His counsel. Satan or any of his fallen colleagues can be employed (Job.1,2; 2Chro.18:19-22). He can use despots like Pharaoh of Moses’ time or Nebuchadnezzar and normal people that don’t know Him- like Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar (Isa,45:1-4; Jer.25:8-9). He is the Lord of animals and does employ them for His service (Num.22:24-25; 1Kgs17:4-6; Jonah1:17; 2Pet.2:16) natural forces/elements are at His command (Gen.6:17; Josh.10:11)


The Almighty God has a strategy of using negative circumstances to build the integrity and capacity of His people (Deut.8:1-2; Jer.29:11; Rom.5:3; Phil.4:11-13).


The challenges of the present day have been orchestrated to build us and make us know the ability of the Lord through prayer and patience (Heb.6:12).


We shall therefore submit ourselves to the Man of war to assist us by His Spirit to make intercessions (Rom.8:26-27). There is no searching of His understanding, and His ways are past finding out (Jas.1:17).


We shall first worship and praise the Lord Who inhabit the praises of His people (Ps.22;3) and then proceed to tender our petitions.


Prayer Points: –
1. Gen.23:13 – Let the lord perfect that which concern His Ministers
2. Exo.8:22,23; 10:23; Zeph.3:16-17 – Let God’s hedge from around the Chrch to
shield them from plagues/pestilences and pernicious persons.
3. Job 5:20-23; 22:27-29 – As wonders, let the Lord confirm it by providing for the
members at the time of distress.
4. Hag.2:8; Deut.8:18; Eccl.7:12a – Ask the Lord to grant us resources needed for the
end-time project.
5. Jer.51:20-23; Zeph.3:19 – Let the Lord disorganize all programmes designed to
obstruct the growth of the church.
6. Exo.23:22; Isa.29:7-8; Habk.2:12 – Let the Lord neutralize the armed groups
attacking Christians and those destroying people’s lives and farms to take for their herds.
7. Isa.8:9,10; Dan.10:20 – Let’s arrest all the spiritual forces backing these armed
8. Isa.24:17-18; Zech.1:18-21 – Let the enchantments being made to keep people
insensitive be voided.
9. Nah.1:2,3 – Let there be divine judgment against those that have squandered the
resources divinely given for the well-being of people of this country.

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