The Application of God’s Word

God’s word is the only legal document that is binding on God (cons. Isa.55:10-11, Jer.1:11-12, Ezk.12:25, Matt.24:35).

The word is God’s agent of accomplishment of His purpose (cons Gen.1:1-4). It stands like the constitution, in a nation where the rule of law is operational (Ps.119,   2Tim.3:16-17). It is the expression of God=s mind to man, in which His projects, purposes, programmes, operational pattern, promises and punishments, are relayed for a purposeful living (Ps.19:7-11, Rom.15:4, 16:25,26, Eph.1:9-10, 3:2-6,8-9; Col.1:26, 17, 1Tim.6:13-14, 2Pt.1:19-21). It is active like a living organism, having the capacity to create, build, cleanse and also destroy (cons. Heb.4:12, Eph.5:16, Rom.1:16, Jn.17:17, 15:3, Ezk.37:7, Ps.107:20).


When stood on or quoted by someone who believes in its integrity and efficacy, the quoted word is activated and impactation against the object for which it was activated follows (cons. Jer.23:29, Ps.119:20, 1:1-3, Jos.1:8).


During prayers of intercession or supplication, when arguments are made based on the word, points are credited to the supplicant, or scored before the Judge in the court of heaven (implied Jas.5:16b; cons. Acts 4:23-31, 2Chro.14:9-12, Gen.18:16-32). With the sealing of the petition in the name of Jesus, positive response becomes guaranteed (cons. Jn.16:23,24,26-27).


It should be borne in mind that since the reasoning of God superlatively surpasses human reasoning, the only human arguments that can convince Him to give  the desired things, are those arguments made on the platform of His revealed thought (cons. Isa.55:8-9, 43:26, 41:21, 8:20, 1:18a).


It should be noted that the argument in question could be on the basis of God=s revealed nature, His project, programme, promises or punishments etc. (cons. Jer.9:23-24, Ps.119:128, Matt.6:9-13).


Such scripture based petitions avail much (cons. Jas.1:5, 5:16). The word availeth in Jas.5:16 comes from the Greek word ischuo (pronounced is-khoó-o) meaning to be strong, to have efficacy, force or value=. In other words, such prayers prevail greatly. What an information!

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