The Jannes and Jambres of life shall proceed no further – THE CERTAINTY OF THIS DECLARATION

THE CERTAINTY OF THE DECLARATION (“The Jannes and Jambres of life shall proceed no further”.(2Tim.3:8,9));


The authenticity of any declaration is dependent on the origin of the information and the quality of the vessel conveying the information.


In our case, the Almighty used His Oracle of the hour to convey the message to His people (cons. Num.23:19, Jos.21:45, 23,:14, 1Kgs.8:56, Isa.55:8-10; 44:26, Jer.35:15).

The main reason why God decided to take the present stand is: THE NEARNESS OF THE RAPTURE (cons. Rom.13:12, Heb.10:25).


The brevity of the time to the rapture makes it expedient to remove the obstacles standing against the all Children of God and God’s chosen instrument for the Church’s purification and unification (Isa.49:5,6, Jn,17:20-22, Eph.5:27).


It is very evident that with the current delapidated state of the Church, only an infinitesimal fraction of the people in Church would make the rapture, should it occur (cons. 1Thess. 5:23, Rev.21:27).


But God would have an outpouring of His Spirit at the last days to shake the heaven and the earth (Joel 2:23, Hag.2:7).

Therefore, the prophetic declaration is timely and sure “They shall proceed no further!”

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