The Christian Youth As A Lamb


The journey into HIS STEPS is progressing as knowledge and awareness are being imparted into us. Our eyes of understanding are being so enlightened that we see almost literally the fire of the word and the Lord sitting as refiner and purifier ensuring that all dross of ignorance, short-sightedness and foolishness of the youth is totally burnt off (Mal.3:3).


It is enough that the servant be as his lord (Matt.10:25). The Christian youth must be a lamb and a loin exhibiting the qualities seen with the Lord Jesus Christ (Lk.10:3; Jn.21:15 cons. Phil.2:5; 1Pt.2:21).

As Jesus -like lamb, he must be pure, meek, lowly, simple, teachable, leadable and docile as one who has chosen the steps of the Lord Jesus. He needs to ensure that the impurities associated with youth life at this end of time is fled – impurities from immoral/ungodly conversation, unnecessary visitations, unedifying reading and views most of which are unconsciously got into and lifestyles that attracts ungodly attention to oneself or send wrong signals to others (cons. Job39:28-30; 2Tim.2:22; Matt.24:28). Through renewing one’s mind by the Word of God, godly conversation, prayers and commitment, one’s heart will be established in truth and righteousness (Rom.12:1-2; Heb.13:9; Jn.8:32).


He should speak soft words and exhibit polite and accommodating attitude towars colleagues, siblings and brethren (Eph. 4:31, 32). He should always leave vengeance for the Lord realizing that there is the shepherd who fights his battles (1Pt.2:24; Rom.12:18-21). Rough life and dressing is never in his character. He loves the voice of his leader, the teachings and instructions that lead to life and peace and allows them to over rule those of his peers and society (Jn.10:2-5; cons. Prov.1:10; Acts 5:29).


He readily submits to the will of God for him in all matters – career, business, choice of friends, moments of confusion, issues on relationships, and other matters associated with living as a victorious youth in a generation that swallows its inhabitants (Ps.119:105-106; cons. Acts 21:12,14; Matt.26:28).


Like Jesus, the lamb, love, mercy, compassion and willingness to give up certain privileges and rights that others may have them when necessary (1Jn.3:16-17; Col.3:12-14; 1Cor.6:7). These are the true marks of young men and women whose role model Jesus, the lamb of God, is and they themselves being lambs.

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