The consequences and cure of this lack of quietness

The consequences of this lack of quietness of spirit includes;

(i) Perennial immaturity as the information received during meetings are not properly assimilated and hence not optimally utilized (implied Ps.1:1-3, Jos.1:8)

(ii) Emanation of problems and troubles sequel to the carnal life style exhibited (cons. Prov.10:19, 11:29, 26:17)

(iii)  Scandalization of the Name of the Lord and His Church (cons. 2Sam.12:13-14 cp. Prov.30:9b).


The cure is simply by;

(i) Acknowledging one’s need for healing (cons. Jer.3:12-14, 14:20, Lk.15:17-19)

(ii) Repenting of all wrongs done (Prov.28:13, Lk.15:20-22)

(iii) Taking heed to strive after quietness of spirit as commanded (1Thess.4:11, Phil.4:13, 3:13-14, Prov.14:23, 13:11).


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