Text:                           Matt. 20:1‑16


INTRODUCTION:    In our study today entitled: THE DANGER OF IDLENESS AT THIS 11TH HOUR, we want to: Describe The Lord’s 11th Hour Service and point out the Danger Of Standing Aloof At Such A Time


  1. Description Of The Lord=s 11th Hour Service (Matt. 20:1‑7). The householder went hiring workers at different hours of the day ‑ early in the morning (about 6am), at the 3rd hour (about 9am), at the 6th hour (about 12 noon), at the 9th hour (about 3pm) and at the 11th hour (about 5pm) (Matt. 20:1‑7).  The householder in this parable represents the Lord, who has always called people at different times and charged them with some definite tasks.  In these last days, the Lord is into His 11th hour hiring,  after which there will be no time for any more  before the final whistle (Matt. 20:6‑8).


The voice of the scripture, the voice of the Spirit, the voice of science, the voice of situations in the society, etc, are all in agreement that there is no more time (cp. 1Tim. 4:1; 2Tim. 3:1‑5; 4:3, 7; 1Jn. 2:18). And the Lord is into His 11th hour business of bringing Jacob back to Him, raising up the tribes of Jacob; restoring the preserved of Israel; bringing light to the Gentiles, and salvation to the ends of the earth (cp. Isa. 49:5‑6). 

To carry out this 11th hour task (of restoring, reviving and preparing the Church for the soon coming rapture and bringing about a great harvest of  souls  into the kingdom of God), the Lord=s gone all out looking for labourers (Matt. 20:1).


He is right now in the business of recruiting/raising an army of intercessors and soul‑winners to do Him this last hour service (cp. Ezk.37:10; Isa. 59:16; 62:6‑7; Ezk. 3:17; 22:30; Dan. 12:3; Matt. 28:18‑20; Lk. 24:47; 2Tim. 4:2; Jude 22‑23).  Whosoever that fails to get involved now may never have the opportunity again.  The reward for this service/labour is following shortly (cp. Matt. 20:6‑16; Rev. 22:12).


  1. Danger Of Standing Aloof At Such A Time (Matt. 20:1‑7). When the householder went out at the 11th hour and found people standing idle, He queried them (Matt. 20:6).  When they made excuse … no man hath hired us, He immediately hired them (Matt. 20:7).

If you say you are born again, and even a Watchman, what excuse do you have today for standing aloof at such harvest time?  No man has hired you?  What other hire are you looking for after hearing these (Isa. 62:6‑7; Mk. 16:15‑16; Jude 22‑23)? In Israel, harvest time was such a busy time that nobody should be idle (cp. Ruth 1:22 ‑ 2:2).  Now is the time of the great harvest that precedes the 2nd advent.  It is such a busy time for the Lord, that no real child of God, not to talk of a Watchman, should stand aloof.


The danger faced by anyone who doggedly remains idle, are obvious;

  1.  He is making himself an object of divine resistance (cp. Hag. 1:9‑10; Matt. 4:18‑19; Jn. 21:1‑3).  
  2. Such a foolish virgin and slothful servant is risking eternal damnation (cp. Matt. 25:1‑30).  Can you afford to go on in the risk?


Rise up and pray.


Fellowship Song: (HSCF: 210)

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