Text:                                                   Gen. 2:18, 21-23; 24:12-21;Heb. 13:4


In the study in hand, we are addressing the following point: Finding God’s Perfect Will in Marriage.

 The necessity for the believer finding God’s perfect will in marriage is rooted in the fact that there is “the bone of his/her bones and the flesh of his/her flesh” (cp. Gen. 2:23).


It is also rooted in the fact that in many things, the very mind of God differs from his (the believer’s) (Isa. 55:8-9; Rm. 11:33-34).  This is the reason we have  been commanded not to make choice with our eyes, but to lean on the Lord (Pro. 3:5-7; Ps. 37:23). 


Also the future of every man is only known to God.  He only knows what shall befall any man at anytime.  Choosing by sight may lead one to a short lived marriage or the like.


Again, God is the only one who perfectly understands the temperaments of every man, and He is in the best position to match them for life.  We must always release our minds to accept God’s choice for us, than take the risk of uncertainty.  One cannot afford to gamble with a lifetime programme like marriage.


Above all when God chooses a wife or husband for one, the one has a reference point, before the Lord and a locus standi before God in times of need.

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