The numerous blessings that follow meekness

The numerous blessings that follow meekness includes

  1. Satisfaction (Ps.22:26),
  2. Divine guidance (Ps.25:9),
  3. Peace and Prosperity (Ps.37:11),
  4. Divine deliverance (Ps.76:9),
  5. Divine exaltation (Ps.147:6),
  6. Comprehensive victory (Ps.149:4).

The lack of this precious and priceless virtue is behind the numerous strifes and seditions seen in congregations (cons. 1Cor.6:6-7, 2Cor.12:20 ); the violence leading to temporary separation or even divorces being recorded by couples that claim to be born again (cons. Eph.5:21, Matt.18:21-22, Mal.2:16); the physical combat and vituperation that seem to be the order of the day at work places, places of residence and even in the evangelical, pentecostal and charismatic assemblies (cons. Matt.5:13-14,16, Phil.2:14-15 cp. 1Cor.6:910, Matt.7:21-23).


The Remedy is by

(i) recognition of one’s lack of meekness (implied Jn.9:41, cons. Lk.15:17-19)

(ii) repentance for all associated dead works (cons. Prov.28:13, Lk.15:20,21)

(iii) resolving to be clothed with meekness (cons. Col.3:12, Matt.5:6) and then resorting to God for help through spiritual exercises (cons. Jas.1:5-7, Phil.2:13, Matt.7:7-8, Isa.41:17, Prov.14:23).


HSCF: 163

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