This is yet another aspect of the other side of life that we must experience. The major fault that has made many people to be inactive or passive in the face of clear danger for the multitudes around them is “lack of compassion” (Lk.10:31-37).

Let’s consider the following:-


  • The World of wounded and needy people:-

All the multitudes that do not have Christ are all wounded and needy. They have been wounded by sin, ignorance, faithlessness, etc. They have need of helpers. This is what Jesus saw and lamented (Matt.9:36-37). Apostle Paul saw the Jews in that perspective also and lamented out of compassion (Rom.9:1-310:1-3). We must see the millions of church-going but unregenerated people as wounded by religious error. We must see the rest of the multitudes with many other forms of evil practices and beliefs as wounded and needy.



  • Put-on Compassion

We must cross over to the other side of compassion for the ignorant. This is easy to do, as we use our minds’s eye to see and mediate on their affliction/predicament. As compassion for the ignorant/wounded becomes our experience, aggressive evangelism will follow. We will compel them to come.


We will intercede. We will love and we will care.

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