The Path Of The Progressive & The Plague Of Many Christian

In God’s infinite wisdom, the child of God is destined to grow in all spheres of life until he becomes outstandingly prominent (cons. Prov. 4:18).  However this glorious end – state is not achieved through light-mindedness, indifference or indolence (cons. Matt. 7:6; Prov. 12:24, 27; 24:30; Eccl. 10:18), it is rather for people that are diligent, grave, who have vision and desire to do away with anything that could be an obstacle to attaining their goal (cons. Pro. 10:4; 12:27; 13:4; 21:5; 22:29).  This desire and determination make them to constantly go to God in prayer requesting for Divine assessment of their lives and revelation for life of distinction (cons. Ps. 139:23-24; 26:2; 119:18-19).


It is in this light that the question of the rich young ruler “what lack I yet”? though asked based on self assertion, is most instructive (Matt. 19:20).

Every Christian ought at this time of the Church age, and season of metamorphosis to ask God continually, “what lack I yet”?.

This will beget revelation that yields inspiration, which in turn bears the aspiration that  propels the beneficiary to the glorious heights (cons. Phil. 3:14).  The failure to ask this crucial question has caused some plagues to flourish in the camp of the saints.


A plague is simply an overwhelming intrusion by something unwelcome.  It could be medically, an epidemic disease; and spiritually, transgression or sin (cons. Jms. 4:17).

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