The Rich That Happily Enters Into the Kingdom

These are those who understand the ingredients of true riches, namely: knowledge of God and salvation of the soul (cp. Jer. 9:23‑24; Matt. 16:26). 


These are those who, consequent upon this, exhibit proper attitude in the use of their material possessions, etc.  They don=t hold tightly to possessions as personal wealth or security, but they relinquish them for use in God=s kingdom and for the furtherance of Christ=s cause on earth.   Thus, believers who possess wealth and material goods don’t see themselves as rich, but merely as stewards of that which is God=s (Lk. 12:31‑48). 


Consequently, they are generous and rich in good deeds (cp. Eph. 4:28; 1Tim. 6:17‑19).  Having thus made money and other possessions of this life their servants rather than idols, they are happy in this life and will also eternally be in the next.

Let us pray.                              Fellowship Song (HSCF 262)

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