As the multitudes of people in the church differ one from another in outlook, so they differ in mind. This means that each person is carrying a mind peculiar to himself/herself. If these different frames of mind must worship together, work together and stay together in harmony, peace and love, they must all put on sound minds.

Develop and discuss the following points among your family, friends or peers:-


(a)       Forms Of Unsound Mind:-

(i)        those whose minds are judgmental in nature – they readily condemn others once what those others did seem bad; they do not wait to find out reasons.

(ii)       those with hypercritical minds – criticising others, reading meanings into all things done; finding faults here and there thereby causing confusion,

(iii)     those that carry minds that are tinted with hatred or unforgiving spirit (mind), immorality, etc.


(b)       The Dangers

Enumerate and exhort on the dangers


(c)       Putting On Sound Mind

*          One should discover one’s need

*          Repent of having carried such mind all along, confessing one’s sins to the Lord

*          Yield one’s heart to the Lord for purgation and amendment.

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