MESSAGE OF THE HOUR:The Time In Which We Live

THE time in which we live has a lot of issues that should jolt the toughest of minds, yet multitudes of people move about unperturbed because they do not have the eyes that can perceive (consider 2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 4:18).

However, this kind of situation is not novel. At the time of the Lord Jesus, He lamented the blindness of the hearts of the Jewish religious leaders (eg. Matthew 15:14; 23:16-19), and that of the generality of the people of Jerusalem (eg. Luke 19:41-44). Even His very apostles were also caught in this blindness (eg. John 4:35). It is our prayer that all that read this article be made to see as they ought to see.

What then does the time in which we live have in stock for the masses of this world, for the people of this country and for true Christians?

The Very Period That Should Precede The 2nd Coming Of Christ
To enable us perceive that now is the very period that should precede the second coming of Jesus Christ, we must first discuss Christ’s second coming itself, which will be in two stages, namely (i) His descent into the sky to catch away His living and dead saints; (ii) His descent to the world to execute judgment on the ungodly and begin His 1000 year-reign on earth.


By Pastor A.C. Ohanebo

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