The Watchmen are warriors and our major weapon is the WORD – 1 Day Fasting and Prayer

Title: I believe the Word
Texts: Isa.55:9-11; Lam.3:37

The Watchmen are warriors and our major weapon is the WORD.(2 Cor 10:3-5, Eph 6:12)

The devils know the place of Nigeria in the gospel of the last day, hence their activities to keep it corrupt and riddled with everything that makes for failure starting with the faulty constitution given by the military.

Many people are saying many things/ threats but it is the counsel or purpose of the Lord shall stand.

And God’s word says IT IS TIME FOR MY MAGNIFICAT ( songs of praise)
Therefore, anything that will constitute a nuisance to my praising God must be tackled down.

Prayer Points

Psm103:1-5 Appreciate the Lord for all His benefits

Heb 11:12 Bless the Lord for the GS and ask for the realization of his purpose

Mk.3:27 Bind the territorial spirits over Lagos and Ogun states

1Sam14:19-20 Scatter every ploy by ungodly men to destabilize the state through causing mayhem

1Sam 30:8,16-18 Pray that the Lord will recover all that men have stolen from this nation to impoverish her. Ask for His effect of the change of the 1999 constitution.

Psm.133:1-3, Pro.4:7 Pray for unity, wisdom, and divine guidance upon the youths seeking a new Nigeria.

Psm.118:5-8 Pray for the protection and preservation of all Watchmen and their possessions at this time of peril.

Isa40:28-31 Present your personal requests and thank Him for the answer to prayers.


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