Though the law of marriage has become binding on two real believers that have reached the traditional conclusion in marriage proceedings yet they must not return from there to live together as husband and wife, as such would be sinful at this point. For them, after filling their notice at the marriage registry and being cleared, they return to the church with license of the marriage registry, not only to be legally joined together, but also for the union to be ratified, sealed and blessed by Christ=s representatives, and witnessed by the church. The need for this is informed by the fact that God, as the minister, ratified, sealed and blessed the union of Adam and Eve, when He brought Eve to Adam. (Gen. 2:18; 21 23 and 1:27; 28).


For any person to argue that since marriage law becomes binding at the conclusion of traditional marriage proceedings, those who have reached that point should return from there to live as husbands and wives, is to reject the said divine ratification, sealing, blessing and witness of the church, thereby constituting themselves  an offence to God and to the church (con. Matt. 16:23; 18:7; 1Corinth. 10:32; 2Corinth. 6:3; Rom. 16:17).


Note: Marriage solemnization: the way of true Bible believers does not negate or annul the fact of marriage solemnized some other way by those who are not true believers. Such marriages are seen as fully established marriages and do not need to be quashed or broken, if one or both of the couple become believers. Those who are thus married must see themselves bound to their marriages even after they have become true believers.


Believers Wedding Apparel Those who are true believers actually watch what they do with a view to ensuring that none is scandalized. (cons. Matt 18:6; Lk. 17:2; Rom. 16:17; 1Cor. 8:13; 10:32).  Marriage being an honourable thing, wedding garments must be presentable, yet modest, in keeping with the injunctions on moderation and to the glory of God. Dresses that are tight fitting, and those that expose the body delicately are rather offensive to God. Such dresses negate the decency of marriage and hold no edification for the Church of God. Moreover, should a couple coming to receive marriage blessings from God appear before the Most High God barely naked, or in dresses that promote worldliness rather than godliness?


How can couples who come to God for marriage blessings, come barely naked or extravagantly and foolishly dressed, depicting showmanship (Gen. 3:6 11, 21; Phil. 4:5)?  Can offensive dressing of couples not earn them curses instead of blessings from God on the wedding day?  Modest wedding apparel should be such that could be used at other times after the wedding. Bridal trains, as in the unbelievers= ceremonies cannot be considered un-costly, and unworldly, as have been commanded (1Tim. 2:9; Phil. 4:5; Jn. 17:6, 14; 1Jn. 2:14 17).                    

Fellowship Song: HSCF 185

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