These are the consequences when distractions become attractions

These are the consequences when distractions become attractions. Well, if one may ask, why are you in the particular WhatsApp and facebook forum/group you belong to? Who do you tweet to? What are the things that dominate your facebook wall?  What manner of pictures do you post there? How come you have a schedule on the internet that must never be disrupted?

What a distraction that has become an irresistible attraction!

All of a sudden, the restless youth has become calm not because of any salvation experience but because he has been immersed in the world of the internet and become fully engrossed in it. The social media have in so many ways changed the lives of most youths and diverted them from the original plan and purpose designed for them and redirected them to undesirable paths. As subtle as the devil is, there are some youths who do well academically and in whatever vocation they are into, but who are easily confused and mesmerized by unwholesome habits and pursuits through the distraction they have embraced. Unfortunately, youths of any age can be entangled. You can find youths of all ages getting into e-cultism and turning them into crafty, quiet, but violent young people.

Boys who are not even in possession of physical drugs have become high and addicts through e-cigarettes and are facing its consequences. Some are given spiritual tattoos in their dreams and they would wake up to see themselves tracing and making it real on their bodies and introducing same to others. Others have been turned into lesbians and homosexuals with a mandate to engage colleagues in schools or places of work. Some others have become youths who are now the objects of ‘admiration’ among their peers because of how e-dating has made them rich. Attractions indeed they seem to be, but before our very eyes, we have seen many young people whose lives and destinies were suddenly terminated because of this. Recently, there were reports of how a lady was rushed to the hospital after spending some time with her internet friend who had visited her. She later died and now her internet friend is being detained as a suspect. Not all that glitters indeed is gold.

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