This Jesus, a man with virtues…

This Jesus, a man with virtues that endeared Him to God and man and brought spirits and circumstance to bow at His feet with testimonies of His works bearing witness to who He is (Jn.8:29; 12:19; Matt.8:27; Mk.1:27).In His relationship with God, though God Himself, He submitted, in His humility, to be begotten and made like men, who He created that He may die on their behalf for the forgiveness of their sin and salvation (Ps.2:7; Phil.2:5-8; Jn.1:14). He lived by precept and practice loving the Lord and doing all to obey and please Him (Jn.4:34; 6:38; 5:19-20,30; 8:29). He honoured the Father in the face of temptation (Matt.4:1-11). He maintained an unbroken relationship with God in prayer (Matt.14:23; Lk.6:12) and service (cons. Jn.4:31-34; 2:13-17). His relationship with His Father was so wonderful that Jesus told Philip that “He that hath seen me hath seen the Father” (Jn.14:6-9). God confirmed and approved Jesus in all ways (cons. Lk.3:19; Matt.3:16-17; 17:1-5; Jn.12:27-30; Acts 2:22; 10:38). We cannot enumerate them all.
In His relationship with man, Jesus left indelible marks in the lives of all that encountered Him. Men that sat in darkness, ignorance bondage and sin saw the Light and came into Father – Son relationship with God as He ministered and taught the gospel of the kingdom (Matt.4:14-22; Lk.5:1-3; Jn.3:1-21; 4:5-26,28-30). Through further teachings and example, He made disciples out of those that followed and listened to Him and prepared same for the kingdom of God (Matt.5:1-2; 13:10-11). The sick, blind, lame, troubled, diseased rejoiced on meeting Him because their needs were met according to the testimony of the Scriptures (Lk.4:16-19; Matt.4:23-25; 12:22; Lk.7:11-16). His love and compassion were manifested over all. Socially, Jesus interacted with the high and low without compromise, fear or favour but held the banner of righteousness and God’s kingdom high (Matt.19:16-24; Jn.5:5-8,14; Lk.15:1,2). All those who were stamped ‘condemned’ were recovered for God’s kingdom – the publican, the tax collector, the harlot – were all transformed (Matt.9:9-13; Lk.19:1-10; 7:36-50; Jn.8:3-11). His presence at social gatherings left a difference and testimony (Jn.2:1-3, 6-10). On daily basis, He proves that His invitation is to all and none will be cast out (Matt.11:28-30; Jn.6:37).


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