This Jesus! More About HIM

Man, generally, have had cause to choose who to admire and look up to. This is a prevailent characteristic of youths. They have role models they aspire to be like and for the ambitious ones they do all they can to tread in the shoes of such and break records to excel beyond them (their role models). 
Their attraction to these ones could be their lifestyle (dressing, oratory ability, etc); proficiency or prowess in any field of specialization (football, music, academics, politics, entertainment, etc); physical appearance, leadership ability (diverse peer groups – human rights activities, ‘approved’ or unapproved touts operating at the bus-stops, airports, immigration offices, ports, etc on different levels, religious groups, etc).
Many youths go about wearing shirts and rings displaying their attachments to football stars or clubs, others, carry the hair-dos of musicians, dress-code of their spiritual leaders, sing and talk about them. Evidently their lives, career, perception are moulded and modelled to a large extent towards those of their models (cons. Act.22:3; 22:25,27,28) and some youths become great and famous, while some fall out just like those they have looked up to.
The achievements may be accepted and applauded by man but God’s measurement looks for GOOD SUCCESS which carries with it completeness in all areas. This is the reason the Lord is bringing to us His choice of model. He is not just a model but an incomparable model, one in time and beyond time, trend, technology, who discoveries and circumstances cannot outwit (Matt.2:13-16; 27:62-66; 28:1-6). He is a model from the foundation of the world and approved through eternity (cons. 1Pt.1:20; Gen.3:15; Rev.5:1-14).
He is the Lord JESUS CHRIST into whose shoes and path any youth who desires life and peace today, tomorrow and eternally must step into and thread. So, let’s hear and learn more about Him.
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