This Jesus! Who Is He?

Any youth who walks into the waiting hands of Jesus has one thing or the other to say about Him experientially (Read More On Have You Crossed the Rubicon Today?). God is indescribable and so His son is actually indescribable (Is.46:5; 40:18,25,28; 55:8-9; cons. 1Kgs.19:9-13; Rom.11:33). In a nutshell, note that – He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, the first and the last ( Rev.1:8,11,17; 22:13; Is.44:6). Popular saying one may say, but these are the declarations of a FINAL authority, the ‘descriptive’ summary of His personality and one who has accomplished all task and not one who is still on course or competing for recognition or victory while alive or dead (Rev.1:8,17,18; cons. 1Kgs.20:11). What does this mean? Imagine being enveloped by this Jesus and He in-dwelling you.
His birth, death and purpose was talked about from the time the enemy thought he had twarted God’s purpose altogether (Gen.3:15). Through the passage of time, it looked as though it would not be but the Lord kept renewing the information (Deut.18:15,18; Ps.2:1-7; Is.7:11,14; 53:1-2; Lk.1:30-31). At the appointed time, the child came amidst glorious incidents having the eternal mandate of the Lord God on Him (Is.9:6-7; Lk.2:8-11,13-14,25-38) with testimony of COMPLETE development (mental/intellectual, physical, spiritual and social) (Lk.2:52). What does this mean? Walking In His Steps guarantees the fulfilment of God’s eternal mandate and purpose for that youth notwithstanding the passage of time, milestones and obstacles (Is.46:9-11).


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