BIBLE READING: Josh.1:13-16; 6:6-15
HSCF 10, 20, 18 –

In life, great leaders like Joshua are rare. Often a time, people appointed to leadership positions fail because they were either not equipped for the offices or forget their purpose, hence drift away in the tide of human ego: crushing passive opponents, suffocating their subject as they wantonly squander the limited resources. And so without faithful and ethical leaders, the society crumbles as the populace will have no direction.

The natural tendency in man is to be less enthusiastic in other people’s matters when his has been secured.
When the believer begins to enjoy some rest by God’s providence, such is expected to purpose to honour God with his advantages and render service to the household of faith, and the unsettled brethren in particular. (2Sam.7:1; Ps.132:4-5; Gal.6:1-2,9-10).



Let us with all our hearts call upon God on the behalf of all Christian singles that God will remember and settle them. Joel 2:12-16 –

Pray for all Christians whose lives are reproachful: unable to settle their bills.. etc and those passing through some terrible health challenges, that God will take away all those deadly diseases/sicknesses from them and grant them deliverance (Ps.32:8).

The original plan of God is that man and his wife will become one in everything, but the wicked ones have sown tares of disagreement and disunity in many marriages today. Gen.2:18-24; Matt.13:25 – Let us cry unto God and ask Him to visit the marriages of all believers that are suffering and heal them.

Those that are expecting the fruit of the womb let God take away every cause of their problem and visit them according to (Ps.127:3-5). Let every reproach be removed as God remembered them like Rachel (Gen.30:22).

Tell God to remember the Christians in the volatile areas and grant them rest according to (Acts 9:26-31).
Ps.132:1 –





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