Urge Through Circumstances

These includes circumstances that can (if allowed) cause marriage-urge to rise up in the heart of the believer or sinner.

  • As the mind is allowed to be pre-occupied with thoughts of marriage and marital issues, as others around get married or live the married life.
  • As one considers difficulties which one thinks that being married would solve.
  •   As pressures to get married are allowed to come upon ones heart from ones parents or relatives.
  • As one yields to the yearnings of ones members, termed ‘burning’ (Cor.. 7:9).
  • As with natural urge, urge due to circumstances can come upon believers or sinners – bachelors, spinsters, divorced, separated, widows or widowers.


NB: If restrained is not exercised, urge due to these circumstances lead people into error entirely, hasty of wrong marriages.

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