What The Rubicon Is To Us

The Rubicon is the boundary between darkness and light, bondage and freedom, sin and righteousness, ignorance and knowledge, levity and gravity, fear/unbelief and faith, ‘it doesn’t matter’/compromise and commitment/consecration. It is that strong and seemingly formidable wall between death, sorrow, eternal gnashing of teeth and life, peace, everlasting joy. It is that strong line demarcating life influenced by the WORLD and life influenced by the WORD. There, there is a strong struggle between indecision and decision. It must be noted that the Rubicon could be made up of men, spirits and/or circumstances.
Biblical examples of rubicon include:
The wall of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-2); Sin of Achan (Joshua 7:1-5); Red sea (Exodus 14:1, 9-10; Isaiah 59:1-2; consider Number 14:1-4, 26-30; Revelation 3:15-16; 21:8, 27); indecision (1Kings 18:21; Acts 26:27-28); unbelief and ignorance (2 Kings 5:1, 9-12); etc. They are numerous. So then, shall the youths of this generation remain in this wilderness because of the dreaded Rubicon or shall they like Caesar and his troop declare that the DIE IS CAST at the sound of ‘Advance’?
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