What The Student Must Do


Lack of practical experience is the problem with many Nigerian graduates. Our higher institutions lack equipments (in some courses) for practical training.

The student who wants to excel under these circumstances, must do something to help himself to acquire some practical knowledge (that are outside the school curriculum)  but  are relevant to his or her course of study. This additional knowledge will make him or her have an edge over his or her equals at, and after graduation. For example, the Mechanical Engineering student can acquire practical knowledge by attaching himself to a road-side welder or auto-mobile mechanic; the electrical and electronics engineering student can attach himself to a road-side electric-motor re-winder, or a radionic. The BUSADstudent can go and learn how to operate the computer, or help a brother in his business, at week-ends or during holidays or breaks. Students that are not in the categories we have used as examples should think of what is or are suitable for them and do them. The secondary and Commercial School students can follow the same example after they might have discovered (either through prayer, counseling or from their personal experience) what they want to be (cons. Pro. 15:22; 22:6). While doing this, you should be humble, obedient and wisely inquisitive.

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