When Distraction Becomes An Attraction – finale

Though the intention of the enemy is to sift you in order to remove every good thing in you, the Lord wills that you should have life and every good thing that goes with it in abundance (John 10:10). So, have you in anyway become obsessed and entangled with any form of distraction from peers, social media, networking sites, etc?  Have you gone as far as negotiating an e-relationship or struck some internet friendships that have so much engaged you now that all you do during the holidays is to locate these friends, exchange visits and get yourself into immoral adventures?

You can be loosed from such yokes. Are you down in the valley of academic failure because of these distractions or lost the ability to concentrate on your studies? You can be picked up from that dungeon, and be set on the pinnacle of success again. The destroyed bridge to your God-ordained destiny can be rebuilt and your purpose of existence would be reclaimed (Joel 2:23-25). Though the devils through these distractions came to steal, kill and destroy, but thank God that there is a chance for recovery through Jesus our Lord, the promised Seed of the woman, to give you not just life, but abundant life (Genesis 3:14-15; John 10:10). Only cry out today in repentance unto the Lord our God and open your heart to let Him in and help shall come unto you, and rescue and recovery work will be done in your life (Revelations 10:10). God will set you on the path of youths with a purpose.

Every youth should beware because when distractions are allowed to become attractions, the consequences are unimaginable and could be eternally damnable.

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