Now Dr. Sangster has advertized his sincerity. What is the situation with today’s Church? Can we be brave enough to publish our own score-sheet? It is instructive to note that the man who founded this congregation that Dr. Sangster is assessing was one of the best Christians that ever touched this earth, and indeed, raised a congregation of wonderful Christians that are still respected in the history of Christianity. So what happened? How was generational change and transfer of standard managed. How did that congregation manage its journey between the 18th century to the twentieth? How much attention was given to the tender youths that existed at time when their fathers and mothers were burning with the fervour of righteousness and zeal?

Like observed earlier, with the situation on ground now, the Church of this age has already lost the opportunity of putting in place preventive measures for their youths. Let’s face it: many of them have already crossed the line though we still see them in Church! The only thing available for us to do now is to carry out rescue operations. First, we have to block all the windows and pigeon holes through which the world hands in poisoned chalice to our youths to drink from. And then we must go ahead to adequately feed them with our own life-saving food so regularly that they will forget the taste and develop a dislike for what the world offers. We must work assiduously to make them derive immense excitement and pleasure from all the goodies God offers in Church. We must recover their mind and interest and redirect same to their sweet, most caring and most loving Saviour who loved them so much that He offered His precious life for them. We must help them discover the rich treasure and profound happiness immanent in developing a deep relationship with the Saviour. They must seek to find out the extraordinary beauty and pleasantness of dwelling in His presence, praising His name in glorious worship and eating His Word with great relish.

Towards those who may have wondered away, let’s show that we care, that we love them more than the world. Let’s double the attention the world would ever hope to give them. They may have been foolish, but the Bible says:”Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child: but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him” (Proverbs 22:15). Let’s correct them in love and bring them back to rectitude and responsible living in Christ Jesus.

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