Bible reading: Rom. 1:16

The preaching of the gospel is for all who has become born again and established.  It is not for any particular group of believers, it is for all believers.


The early Church was not ashamed of it even in the face of persecution (cons. Acts 8:1,4-5; 11:19-21).  The members of the early Church did not wait for the day of mass evangelism or publicity before moving out to preach.  They defiled the shame (Rom. 9:33).  The people preached even while going from one city to the other.  One should know that both the rich and poor went about preaching the gospel and sponsoring the work of God (comp. Acts 11:20-24 with Acts 4:36-37).


In any school fellowship where the number of youths preaching the gospel is few, the number of new comers joining the church will be few and growth will be slow.  It means that the youths that are newly coming into our midst must be saved and established so they could also join in the preaching of the gospel.

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