Text:                          Lk. 5:1-9; Jn. 21:1-6



Believing and obedience play a very important role in our walk and work with the God of watchman,  if we must realize His promises for our lives and others (Lk.1:45, Mk.9:23).


The LORD’S telescope has again searched out another great truth in the Bible, bringing us  some great revelation of faith stating that Your Testimonies Are About To Change, even as the Spirit of God  witness   that  some have their testimonies changed already.  The following points reveal the details to us:  (1).  The Previous Testimonies, (2).  The Changes  and (3).  How Come, The change.


  1. THE PREVIOUS TESTIMONIES (Lk. 5:5a; Jn. 21:3-5)


What a testimony it was, that these men, who were masters of the art of fishing, toiled all night and caught nothing.  In utter frustration and weariness of heart, they gave their testimony of disappointment, “we have toiled all night, and have taken nothing”.  This surely may be the testimony of some people here today, they have toiled all night, all day, all years and have taken or realized little or nothing.  Others who realized something, may have suddenly lost their gains or profits to thieves/robbers or other unfortunate incidences.  What is your testimony at the present?  Is it that each month that comes, you will be full of expectations, only to tell the same old story there after, whatever the case, may be the LORD brings this good news that testimonies are about to change for the good, the better and the best, in Jesus Name.


  1. THE CHANGES (Lk. 5:6-9; Jn. 21:6, 8, 11)


Upon and from the same water where the men had toiled overnight without any tangible result, came the change of testimony, such that astonished them and also humbled them.  From those who previously testified that after toiling through the night, they had taken nothing and absolutely nothing; came a changed testimony in a matter of hours or minutes.  They now beckoned on others, to help them, because the quantity of fishes they caught overwhelmed their strength.


What a drastic and fantastic change of testimony it will be for the lot  that shall believe our report today, and go about confessing and declaring to themselves in faith that they must have a change of testimony and it shall be so to them in Jesus’ name.


  1. HOW COME, THE CHANGE (Lk. 5:4-5; Jn. 21:5-6)


The change in testimony came when Jesus, the Master of the Ocean and earth and sky, the maker of the oceans and seas and all that are in them came.  Therefore,  contact with Jesus makes the first difference, it transforms lives, and creates an atmosphere for miracles.  Secondly, Taking his instructions and acting on them makes the necessary impact.  This impact brings other elements and forces that negatively influence the testimony to bow in obedience.


Thirdly, they needed to cast the net on the right side.  This right side is known by the LORD only and His servants to whom He reveals it. Over the night they were casting their nets on the wrong side.  Many today have spent their time casting their nets as it were, on the wrong side and hence caught nothing, there is the right and wrong side of every venture.  The Lord at this time, points us to the right side, the side of laying all to the altar of the Lord, beginning with our lives, resources and talents, sponsoring the projects of the Lord in the Movement, paying our tithes/offerings faithfully, sowing in the lives of the ministers and the brethren are wonderful avenues of casting the nets of our resources and services on the right side. When we obey and do it, the testimonies will definitely change in our favour in Jesus name. Many shall shout in surprise at the things the Lord is set to do.


Those who believe this report should rise to prophesy to themselves, that their testimonies are about to change as  we call upon the LORD now.

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