Text:                   Lk. 19:1-9



Today, we shall be presenting the word of God (the pool) that will bring healing to all those that plunge into it, by properly responding. In fact, the principles that shall be exposed are eternal in durability.

We shall look at (A) The Man And His Approach (B) The Miracle And Its Message.




Zaccheus was a man that would not succumb to the many limitations on his way to the realization of his desire – To See Jesus.

The limitations include

(i)   His social image: He was the chief of the publicans in the city; who were unreservedly detested by the people because of their wicked life style (cons. Matt.18:17 cp. Ps.15:1,4).

(ii)   His wealth: Having made his wealth through an ungodly means, there should have been no interest in seeing the Lord (a righteous man) while He walked along the way (cons. Pro. 18:11,23; 28:11, Matt.19:2 cp. Jas. 2:6, 5:1).

(iii)   The surging crowd: The crowd that followed the Lord was such that a lot of energy was required to break through to approach Him (cons. Mk. 5:25-31, Lk.8:19-20).

(iv)   His stature: His small frame gave him no hope of getting close to the righteous man to behold His countenance.


The Approach (Lk.19:4)

He resisted the limitations by emptying himself of all ego (that accrued from his position and wealth, and fortified by the smallness of his stature). He acted like a child ( not minding what people would say or were saying) to climb a tree and wait (cons. Matt. 18:1-3                      ). This approach did not only get him to meet his need of seeing Jesus, but also attracted Jesus to him. Whosoever humbles himself to seek the face of the Lord shall surely attract the Lord’s attention (2Chro. 7:14 cp. Matt. 23:12).



Salvation, the greatest miracle came the way of the man (cp. Mk.8:36,37). But he needed to make haste to come down before there could be the fellowship that yielded the miracle.

Anybody that wants to get the best from the Lord must:

(i)   lay aside every social obstacle militating against him to seek the face of the Lord.

(ii)   behave like a child to do every legitimate thing that could attract God’s attention.

(iii)   come down from the position he has placed himself to walk with Christ (Prov. 15:33).


NB: The person shall get more than he bargained for (cons. Eph.3:20).


Finally, the salvation of Zaccheus the chief of the publicans in Jericho teaches us that with God, all things are possible (cons. Matt.19:24,26).

Let us rise up to pray.

(HSCF 31)

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