The following aspects of the ‘new life’ will usually be found in those who have been genuinely saved:  

(a) Transformed Character: Let us get the meaning of transformation from the following cases:-

(i).        The demoniac was a restless man who continued to do things that inflicted injuries upon him, being under the influence of some evil spirits (Mk. 5:5).  But on meeting Jesus Christ and being healed, all the violence to himself stopped and he came back to his right mind (Mk. 5:15). This is the experience of many who now have transformed characters.  They were doing things that satisfied their flesh and mind, but detrimental to their souls (Eph. 2:2-3; 1Pet. 4:3).  But on coming to Christ, they become saved and come to the right type of mind in the sight of God (cons. 1Cor. 6:11).

(ii)        The Samaritan woman was one that went from man to man and also had nothing to do with the Jews in accordance with the tradition of her elders (John. 4:16-18 & 9).  But on encountering Christ, not only did her immoral manners change, but she testified to Christ, a Jew (John. 4:28-29). This also is another aspect of transformation of character.  The so transformed of today have dropped immorality, racial/class/ethnic prejudice or distinction and have become witnesses to Christ (Gal. 6:15).

(iii)       Another form of transformation of character can be seen from Saul of Tarsus, a religious, but injurious and blasphemous man (Acts 9:1; 1Tim. 1:13).  But when Christ met him, he became a loving and lovable brother among the redeemed (Acts 9:17; 21:20; 22:13).

(iv)       The Philippian jailer’s experience is yet another form of transformation of character.  He was a merciless man, who kept the orders he received without mercy (Acts 16:24).  But when his spirit and heart were touched by Christ, he turned into a merciful and caring brother (Acts 16:33).

  1. New Thoughts: This is another aspect of the new life in Christ.  Because of the newness of the heart/spirit, the man’s thoughts are now changed from the things that are ungodly to the things that are godly both morally, materially and otherwise (com. Phil. 4:8).  From canal and worldly thought to heavenly ones (Col. 3:1-3).
  1. New Ambition/Interest: Another aspect of the new life in Christ is the new interest in the things of God such as, Bible reading, praying, Christian fellowship, witnessing to the Lord and ambition of making heaven at last (comp. Phil. 3:7-12).
  1. New Friendship And Fellowship: New friendship and fellowship is yet another aspect of the new life in Christ.  When one’s spirit and heart have been made new, it is natural to find one befriending those that have like mind with the one (cons. Acts 2:42; 4:23; 9:1-2 and 26-28).  The one no longer takes pleasure in old friendship that discusses mundane and spiritually unprofitable things.

N/B.    Generally speaking, “new life in Christ” makes one’s conscience alive to God, to godliness and to being in heaven at last.  This consciousness is what keeps those who have it from “willful sinning”, as found in those who do not have new life in Christ.

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