Bad Friendship

Bad Friendship

BIBLE READING: Pro.1:10-15; 22:24-25

This is when one gets into friendship or it makes friends with people whose lifestyle and manner of conversation are in contrast with godliness, morality, good family values and norms (2Sam13:1-5). It is the kind of friendship that makes a youth a friend of the world and an enemy of God. (Jams 4:4; Deut.30:17; 31:16). It has an all-round implication on you.

Implication of Bad Friendship

The Impact of bad friendship cannot be over-emphasized. Spiritual/Christian life, academic life, emotional and other areas of one’s can be terribly affected by bad friendship. Loss of focus, direction and bearing in life can arise from bad relationship/friendship (1Kgs12:12-14). Corruption of character, can also stem from bad friendship.

 The Dinah Example

Dinah lost her bride and dignity as a result of meddling with bad friends (Gen.34:1-4). The people you associate with become your connector. Spiritual values and birthright can go.

The Amnon And Jonadab Example

Jonadab, a crafty and immoral friend tutored the non-regenerated Amnon and brought out the evil and immoral tendencies hidden deep in him. Amnon’s evil act and plan ruined his life, family and generation. (2Sam.13:1-14)

The Eve Example 

Interaction/communication (apparent friendship) with the Serpent brought corruption and the undoing of the whole world. Her perspectives and stance on God’s word was changes to her detriment. (Gen.3:1-7, 14-19)


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