Text:                          Psalm 57:1-11



In one’s walk with God, there are times of exhibiting submission and total dependance on Him.  That is the mind with which we shall pray today.


Our text was a Davidic psalm which pertains to the David’s challenge at the cave  Adullam (1 Sam. 22:1).  From our text, we shall look at the following points (a). The Problem (Ps. 57:4,6), (b). The Petition (Ps. 57:1-3), (c). The Praise (Ps. 57).


(a).      The Problem (Ps. 57:4, 6).


For David, his life was at stake because of the pursuit of the determined enemy (Saul and his cohorts).


David was somehow handicapped because he, knowing God’s ways, could not kill Saul who had been anointed; yet the evil man was relentless in pursuing him.  Saul and his cohorts were like lions.


In like manner, many are under threats and some are apparently incapacitated by their limitation in strength and knowledge of the activities of their enemies (cons. Rom. 1:13; Eph. 6:12; 1Thess. 2:18; cp. Job 1:9-12, 13-19; 2:3-9).  When confronted by a threatening or unyielding challenge, the panacea is to cry out to God.


(b).      The Petition (Ps. 57:1-3).


The prayer was not a display of lack of trust in God but rather the opposite (Ps. 57:1-3).  Many people get into the error of being bitter with God and speaking foolishly, querying Him as though they are His mates.


The Lord would have His children understand that He is Omnipotent, and that He knows all about the constitution of the challenge, and where that challenge will lead to (cons. Jer. 29:11; Rom. 8:28).


Therefore the child of God must pray in faith.  And where there is faith in the heart, praise would follow. (cons. Acts 16:25)


(c).      The Praise (Ps. 57:5, 7-11).


Praise is an expression of one’s appreciation of God.  When people praise God, He is stirred up into action.  David the man after God’s heart knew this secret and hence prospered.  The believer of the present day must learn to praise: whether it is raining or shining.


Today, as we cry unto the Lord in faith, we shall praise to appreciate His sure intervention.


Let’s rise up to pray.

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