The ACQUISITION is by prayerful consideration of God’s nature – His Omnipresence, Omniscience, unsurpassing goodness, humility, power, as well as His judgement (cons. Job 38:1-18, Ps.76:1-12). THE ASSOCIATED BLESSINGS include: Longevity (cons. Deut 5:33, 1Sam.12:14, Prov.10:27), Strong Confidence in life (Prov.14:26) Satisfaction (Prov.15:16, 19:23), Prosperity (Prov.22:4, Ps.147:11, 115:11,13, 34:9, 31:19), Flow of Divine revelations (Ps.25:12,14), Divine favour (Ps.103:11,13,17, Lk.1:50), Divine protection (Ps.34:7, 33:18-19), Divine approval (Acts 10:35, 2:22, Heb.1:8,9).


With this catalogue of blessings attached to fear of the Lord, where lies the attitudes of lying, hypocrisy, cheating or taking advantage of others, craftiness, being double tongued, meddlesomeness, tale bearing, eye service, partisanship, offence making and offence taking and the diversities of secret sins while in the Church? (Cons. Heb.10:25-31, Prov.11:21a, Ps.9:17).

HSCF 163

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