The early Church left us a LEGACY when faced with intimidating challenges, which is TO PRAY.

1Sam. 4:1-10, 2Cor.10:1-5

We are sitting together in Christ in the heavenly places far above the forces that propagate or generate the challenges (Eph.2:6), so we shall be going into the prayer exercise from A POSITION (PLACE) OF ADVANTAGE and NOT from a defeatist position (Isa.30:15-18, Jn.16:21:24).


We must examine ourselves to ensure that the Accuser does not have any argument against us (Job1:8-10, 27:2,9, Ps.66:18, Isa.59:1-3, Rev.12:10)


HSCF 74, 83, 87



*(Pro.28:13, 1Jn.2:1-2) Let’s examine ourselves, and repent of anything that our conscience

is indicating to be wrong.


*(2Chro.28:16-19) Let’s repent on behalf of the Church for all sins of omission and commission by ministers, workers and members of congregation in Nigeria.


*(Gen.18:20-26) Let’s also ask the Lord for mercy upon the indigenous people that are being invaded, that for the sake of Christians, mercy would be shown to the people.


*(Zech.12:10) Pray that the Lord will release abundant grace for this fasting exercise.


*(Isa.41:15) Pray that the Lord will equip you to make effective prayers and decrees henceforth. Pray that you become an agent of change.


Present any other need to the Lord.


Thank the Lord for answer to prayers.

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