In the battle against the Philistines, the importation of the ARK OF COVENANT (the emblem of God’s presence) would have turned the table around (in favour of Israel), had the Philistines allowed FEAR to override them (1Sam.4:6-8). Rather, they mustered COURAGE, spoke to themselves, fought and won the battle against the ODD.

And Paul the apostle informed that our real fight is not against mortals (that can die and decay) but against immortal beings called spirits (2Cor.10:3).

It should be remembered that at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, God’s word came to us saying “FEAR NOT”. And on Tuesday 26th May, 2020 in the message titled “when the eyes deceive the mind: the Word of God spurred us to refuse being deceived into fear by what our natural senses tell us, that is what we see, hear, smell, feel etc.

The things currently happening in our nation which are being observed and reported in the media have the capacity to paralyze (people) through fear. But knowledge of our POSITION in Christ (Eph.2:6) and the infallibility and immutability of God’s word/PROMISES (Matt.24:25, Heb.6:16-17) gives the watchmen an edge over the Devil’s programs.

We are enjoined to be courageous. Courage does not necessary mean absence of fear but the quality of the spirit that enables one to face danger (or pain) without admitting or exhibiting fear.

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