The Perfect Judgment

This section is an expansion of subsection two. When a judgment is perfect, it is impartial and error-free.


A man may not deliver such judgments. Man, due to his limitations is prone to error, and so can err in judgment though unintentionally. Many people have had wrong comments and judgments passed on them even by their pastors due to this limitation in knowledge. It could be that the falsely accused was not able to defend himself, while his accuser or opponent was a crafty sweet-tongued orator.(Cons. Acts 24:1-9).


Are you a victim of such? Do not be discouraged or offended. There is a day the perfect and just Master Jesus will pass perfect judgment, and will reward you for not backsliding as a result (cons. Matt. 5:11-12; 1Cor.6:7).


  • – Is somebody suffering because of your smartness wherein you told a lie that freed you in a case instead?
  • – Don’t you know “That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment”? (Job 20:5).
  • – Is somebody being condemned because of your envy? That day will reveal it.
  • – Are you living in secret sins? There is a day every secret will be judged by the impartial Judge who respects no man. (Jn. 5:22; Acts 10:34,42; 17:31).


True repentance and totally turning away from such sins is the only remedy for freedom.

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