Dear Friend,

The information contained in the bill in your hand is not a casual one. It is rather INFORMATION OF THE HOUR, regarding God’s schedule of activities for all and sundry in Enugu State at such a time as this. SO, BE SURE YOU ARE CONNECTED, AND YOU WILL GLORIFY GOD THAT YOU DID AT THE END OF THE DAY.


VENUE: Okpara Square, Independence Layout, Enugu State.




Experience the impartation of the Spirit of God and His Christ – the greatest Asset mankind can ever acquire or possess.

Experience the healing virtue from Christ Jesus radiate from heaven, enter and permeate the human systems of those ailing and hurting.

Experience such A COLOSSUS OF A DIVINE VISITATION sweep across the State of Enugu to bring people to their hill-tops in various areas of life.

See the Lord re-write the ugly stories of the masses that need such stories re-written.

See the Lord cut off all links that connect people to Satan and his angels and replace them with the links that connect them to Him.

Experience His mercy flow unhindered into the lives of multitudes of Enugu State.


Experience the manifestation of THE ATTRIBUTES for which God is known (Ihe ejiri mara Chukwu).

Witness the Lord as HE makes the present Enugu State Governor’s name, IfeanyiChukwu (with God, nothing is impossible) Ugwuanyi (no mountain or hill is insurmountable) reflect in HIS dealing with the peoples’ circumstances and problems.


Witness the release of God’s Holy Spirit and power to bring great conviction into the hearts of the masses as to the reality of God, and the fact that He cares and answers prayers.

Witness the power of God sweep through the entire State, bringing showers of blessings.

See the Lord turn the obnoxious circumstances of the people 180 degrees.

Witness the deaf hear HIS word, the dumb’s loosened tongue employed to praise God, the blind behold the beautiful sky and the lame leap for joy.

Exclaim everywhere in Enugu State at the end of the programme, THIS IS THE FINGER OF GOD, PERIOD!

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