Text: 11:32; Mk. 11:12-14, 20-24; Hb. 11:1-6


Today, we are yet taking another message outside our series entitled God of wonders designed by the Almighty God to make Watchmen harvest from the already ripe orchard of divine blessings. We will begin by defining and explaining the topic, and looking into the mechanism operation of faith for exploits.




Faith is defined as we see in Heb. 11:1. It means, seeing and touching the unseen, receiving the unseen with every consciousness of the seen. It means, knowing God, hearing and believing God and receiving from God Who is invisible (Dan.3:14-18,22-26, 6:5-11,16-22, Rom.4:18-21).




Here we want to discover how to operate or manipulate faith in order to accomplish great things. Much exploits of varying magnitude can be made by simple manifestations of faith. (cons. Ex. 14:15-16,21-22; Josh. 3:6-8; 15-17; 2Kgs. 2:12-14; Lk. 1:30-31, 34-38; 2:4-7).


Faith is an attribute of God planted in every creature of His, whether believer or not. Even animals can be said to have faith to some extent (cons. Matt. 6:25). The inborn faith is voluntarily or involuntarily expressed some how as we sleep and wake up, sit and stand, eat and drink, even do business etc. Therefore everyone has some level of faith. The problem of man is how to repose that faith on the originator of faith, that is God. Little exploits are made when faith exercised on any other person or thing other than God. Knowing this,  God said in Is. 31:1-9 that it is vain to put trust in any thing else other than God. But great exploits of faith are made when men come to know God, hear, believe and act upon His words (Dan 11:32; Heb. 11:2-5). Knowing God links the faith of man with the original and “home base” of faith, so to say. It makes faith operate from its source. When the faith of man (a believer of course) joins with the faith of God then mountains are removed, the impossible becomes possible (Mk. 11:22-24).


Remember, that the first faith a sinner should express is the faith unto salvation. That is the faith that recognises God as the ultimate Being that no one can escape. So, one in that consciousness confesses all sins against God, and turns to His only means of reconciliation from and to GOD (Acts 20:21). When this is done, the one becomes a child of God ready to make great exploits of faith.


A believer’s faith is joined with the faith of God, when the believer acts on the word of God. This is because all the word of God are words of faith (Heb. 11:3). They are spoken with the understanding that some one could cash on them, or stand on them to bring results ( Gen. 1:1-6). This is what the Holy Ghost did, He worked on what God said to bring results. Today and through out this time of great expectation and beyond, we shall continue to dig into the word of God to make build faith that will accomplish great things.


NOTE THIS: We have been offering for the Lord’s project with this movement and much has been said about what we stand to gain for supporting this great programme of the LORD. While we are presently offering for the VOICE OF THE WATCHMAN MUST BE HEARD project, we must now, rise to exercise our faith based on the promises of God to those who give and those who know, hope, trust, and have faith in Him (Lk.6:38, 2Cor.9:6-10, Phil.4:17-19). IT IS PRAYER TIME.

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