Causes Of Reprobate Mind

No one has any excuse for not believing in God, for God has sufficiently revealed His existence in His creation (v.19-20). Everybody by his own choice either accepts or rejects God. Although many people believe in the existence of God, some have chosen to worship idols which are emblems of rebellion against God. The idols may be living creatures or graven images.

(Rom. 1:18-28, 32)


Idolatry has a powerful satanic force behind it, which influences the worshipers into other sins like sorcery, witchcraft, adultery, fornication, murder, etc. (v.21-28). Although they know that it is bad, yet they refuse to turn to God. And because Satan yokes them, they cannot help committing these sins; and God, in turn, rejects them(cons. Tit. 1:16; Rom. 1:28-32).


Although our text addresses the activities of the godless/wicked, and the depravity of the unregenerate, it also indicates one of the ways Christians can become reprobates (vs.32). This is through the sin of indifference and pride which begins to play when there are some spiritual attainment and/or material achievements recorded by clergy or laity, forgetting that those attainments and achievements were by the grace of God (cons. v. 21-22, 25; Dan. 4:27,29-30; 1Cor. 4:7; Eph. 2:8-9; Rev. 3:14-18).


Pride can make a church leader use scriptural expressions like “Judge not that ye be not judged” (Matt.7:1) to defend and cover his sin, and to suppress the truth (1Tim. 4:2; v. 25). This then opens a door for Satan to bring one down, for that was what brought him down. At this time he (Satan), begins to flood the victims’ minds with false visions and makes him pursue it (cons. 1Tim. 4:1; Jn. 10:10; Cp. 14:30).


A believer also can acquire a reprobate mind when he rejects God’s mercy by refusing to own up his sin or error or refusing to restitute to another say a junior believer who has been cheated or offended (cons.1Sam. 15:22-26,30; 16:1; Titus 3:10-11), or by persistently refusing to go the way God would have him go (cons. 1Sam.13:8-13; 15:6-23; Pro. 29:1; 15:32; 13:1).



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