Cures For Reprobate Mind

Prevention,” they say, “is better than cures.” The cure for and against the reprobate mind is the rejection of pride and indifference that hinder repentance. It was pride and stubbornness that robbed King Saul’s true repentance, whereas the wicked King of Israel, Ahab, obtained mercy through humbling himself (1Sam. 15:22-30; 1Kgs. 21:20-22,25-29).


There is no sin God is not able to forgive when there is real penitence. Notorious sinners like harlots, debased criminals (malefactors), and extortioners, in the days of Christ, were saved from their sins for humbling themselves before the Saviour (cons. Lk. 7:36-48; 19:1-9; 23:38-43). So, removing pride and putting on humility when convicted of any error or sin fights to have a reprobate mind to a finish.


Having seen the causes, consequences, and cure of reprobate mind, what is your resolve toward sin and pride? Pride is one of the seven deadly sins (Prov. 6:16-17). What are you doing or will you begin to do to ensure that people are not given up to reprobate mind by God?

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