Seeing that ‘the day’ symbolized God’s will; and that when somebody is walking in the day, it means that the person is walking (living) in God’s will.  The following characteristics are found among people walking in the day;


i) They possess salvation experience having received the light of God’s word that empowered them to live above sin (cons. Jn. 1 :12, 8:31; Eph. 5 : 8)


ii) They prioritize divine assignments having been illuminated to comprehend God’s greatness and the unequalled preciousness of His work (cons.  29:18; Jn. 4:34; 9 :4; Phil. 1 :21)


iii)       They put premium on The Rods in their hands (Prov. 12 :27; Eccl. 10 :15):  it was shown that the Rods’ is figurative of the divine instruments given for the accomplishment of divine tasks or vision (cons. Exo. 4 : 17, 20).  For our dear ministry – The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, many rods have been given; amongst which (as already discussed) are the literary materials like the magazines (Charismatic signs, window, in Times like This, The tracts and the pamphlets (like the 3-fold end time project hand book etc).


We shall continue the teaching by high lighting other notable Rods given to the ministry which as well should be highly valued and cherished

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