They Put Premium On The Rods In Their Hands

 (Prov.12:27, 18:9, Eccl.10:15)

The rod symbolizes every divine instrument given for the accomplishment of divine tasks, purposes or visions (cons. Ex.4:17,20, 2Kgs.2:13).

For the Watchmen, many facilities have been provided by the Lord with which to accomplish our onerous calling (cons. Isa.49:5,6). These include literary materials like the Church’s magazines and pamphlets for example the 3-fold end time project pamphlet, Charismatic Signs, Window Magazine, yet to be released In Times Like This Magazine, Tracts etc.

It should be noted that the development of the art of reading and writing, has bettered the lot of mankind; and men of purpose have used same to better their lot and the lot of their audience (cons. Jer.36:2-6, Lk.1:1-4, Jn.20:20-31, Acts 1:1-4, Rom.15:4, 1Cor.10:10-11, Eph.3:1-4, Col.4:15-16, 1Thess.5:27, 2Tim.4:13, 2Pt.1:1-2, 12-15).

It is therefore expected that these rods be upgraded through the involvement of more hands on the course of production. Also it is expected that watchmen should invest financially into these media to ensure that they reach the ends of the earth (Isa.49:6). The Pastors, workers etc are to put premium in these materials; keeping their flocks and neighbours informed.

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