They Prioritize Divine Assignments

 (Prov.29:18, Isa.49:5,6)

When one walks in the illumination of God’s word by the aid of the Holy Spirit, the person will definitely appreciate the importance of God’s assignments, and as a result cultivate the habit of scheduling them for immediate or earliest possible attention (cons. Lk.2:49, Jn.4:34, 9:4, 2Cor.11:24-29, Phil.1:21).


The Watchman should assess himself with this truth, and contrast it with his lack lustre attitude demonstrated towards to the activities/schedules of the ministry (cons. Matt.21:30) NB. In relationship with God, progress is always tied to obedience (cons. 1Sam.15:22, Isa.1:19, 2Cor.10:6).

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