Crave And Pray For What Is Lacked Till It Is Granted

Many times, people of God come to the Lord in shabby prayers, seeking these precious things.

Many, through dullness of mind, not seeing their need, not seeing themselves in the right perspective, shy away from the type of prayers that are usually not refused (cp Lk.11:5-10Isa.38:1-4Matt.26:75).


It must be realized that we are talking of “passing over to the other side”: where Jesus was during His humanity, and that God considers such things as pearls. If anyone seeks these things as one that is thirsty, cries for them as Esau did for a second-rate blessing, or wrestle for them as did Jacob for the change of the evil circumstance of meeting with angry Esau, the one is sure of returning from this retreat with the other side of life imparted into him/her (cp.Isa.41:17-19Gen.27:34-4032:7-28).

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