Vision in this context does not mean a revelation in the form of a dream, a trance, etc… Rather, it means, “that goal perceived in the mind’s eye by the man and pursued”. Some examples here will help to clarify the issue.


(i)        Jesus had in His mind’s eye, the goal of going to the cross of Calvary and dying for the salvation of mankind and pursued it. This was a vision. He also perceived doing only the will of God and nothing less or more in His mind’s eye and pursued it. This also is a vision.


(ii)       Apostle Paul, had many visions, one of which was to carry the message of the gospel to both the Jews and Gentiles, and he pursued it.  Besides, he pursued the goal of preaching the Gospel dynamically and reaching heaven at the end. He also talked about the vision of labouring and presenting the church of His days perfect in Christ, should Christ come dying his tenure.


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