Damnable Woes That Follow the Hypocrite

(Matt. 23:13-16, 23, 25, 27, 29)


Jesus did not point to the hypocritical ways of these Jewish religious leaders without pronouncing the attendant damnable woes.  Christ=s righteous indignation against them for dishonouring God and distorting His word by their practices, found expression in His use of the most severe words of denunciation (Matt. 23:13-16, 23, 25, 27, 29, 33).   He pronounced woes upon woes on them and repeatedly called them hypocrites.  He averred that those who devoured widows, and pretended to be Godly by making long prayers, should receive the greater damnation, while their converts should be twice the children of hell than themselves (Matt. 23:14-15).  He equally pointed out that their hypocrisy had made them real fools and blind guides, and for losing all sense of righteousness in personal lives while pretending to be righteous through outward religious observances, they could not escape the damnation of hell (Matt. 23:16-33).


Note that the foregoing denunciations still hold today against the impenitent and all those who dishonour God and distort His word by their practices.  Check yourself thoroughly, and if you find that you are indicted, repent and escape the damnation of hell.


Let us pray.


Fellowship Song (HSCF 44 & 283)

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